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“Holy Halong, It’s Awesome Angkor!” Sold Out

Nov 9 - 19, 2017  Close your eyes and imagine sailing a “luxury junk” for 3 glorious days through a thousand islands of breathtaking Halong Bay. Then imagine an exclusive

“Palm Trees & Christmas Trees, huh?” Germany – Dec. 2017

Dec 6-13, 2017  Our fun begins in historic Munich, the heart of Bavaria, with its countless treasures and temptations. Onto medieval Nuremburg which draws 2 million visitors to its Christkindlmarkt.

Monkey Business & Island of the Gods

Jan 31 - Feb 11, 2018 At AFS, it’s the ‘Year of the Monkey’ and there’s no business like snow monkeys. Come to Japan for an experience others can only
Singles tour Baha Whales & Sealions

Marine Life Safari in the Sea of Cortez

 Feb 22 – March 2, 2018  Imagine the chance to see a gray whale giving birth – or swimming with gentle whale sharks and playful sea lion pups – or

AFS Bike & Barge through the Tulips

April 27 - May 5, 2018  Immerse yourself in the land of windmills and tulips in the Netherlands where everyone pedals. Imagine meandering scenic country roads with 20 AFSers into
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“Punjabi Boys & the Dalai Lama”

Mar 11 - 20, 2018 - Discover 3 distinct lands that blend into a peaceful community which loves to receive visitors. I did this fun escape on my own last year
singles hike peru

Epic Inca Trail Trek

May 12 - 20, 2018  - Join us on our Active Adventure as we ascend deep into the Andes and discover magical natural wonders.  Our past 4 groups loved hiking
singles tour india tigers

“Glamping with Tigers”

May 4 - 13, 2018 - Namaste! Join us deep into India, the prime place where tigers and elephants roam. It’s an incredible vacation destination with our exclusive luxury hotels and

W. Africa River Safari: Senegal and The Gambia

May 11 - 20, 2018 - Good journeys make us good story tellers and OH! the stories you will tell after visiting not one, but two countries in West Africa!

Sky Spa with the Alps at Your Feet

June 23 - July 1, 2018 - Need some vacation therapy in Europe’s Crown Jewels with the Alps at your feet?  Come step into a fairy-tale land that most people only dream